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Dutchman’s Puzzle

Dutchman’s Puzzle, by Marte Brengle

Second book in the series about the fictional town of Lyric, Iowa

Dave Van Meer was a traveling man. All he needed was a temporary job, a temporary home. Sooner or later it would be time to move on. He liked it that way.

Eleanor Ward's twin son and daughter had never seen their father. He was an explorer, she told them, off to see the world.

A snow storm, an icy sidewalk, a chance encounter in an Iowa town. Strangers with excellent reasons to forget the way things once were. Could they have a future together? Or would someone from the past destroy it all?

And what evil was growing in this out-of-the-way small town? Suddenly, the world was watching...

From Dutchman’s Puzzle

Chapter 1, Season’s Greetings

Dave Van Meer guided the shuddering rattletrap delivery truck slowly down an alley that was almost invisible behind a wall of swirling snow. The journey had been one long wrestling match with the steering wheel and he was exhausted. He inched past a darker area that had to be the entrance to the loading dock he’d come all this way to find, slid to a stop and opened his door in hopes of being able to lean out and see where he was going. A blast of exhaust-smelling icy air and dirty snowflakes swirled in, killing that idea in no time flat.

He coughed and yanked the door shut again, gritted his teeth and backed carefully toward the building, aiming by instinct since the side mirror was useless. Just as he came within a few feet of the dock, the truck slid sideways on the ice and one rear corner hit with a jolt that almost made him bite his tongue. The engine immediately gave up the ghost. He turned the key and got a rattling wheeze in response. There were only a few choice things to be said about the situation and he said them—but he had to admit that after nearly seven hours of being jolted around and half frozen, the stillness of the truck was actually a relief.

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