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The Hours of Isis, by Evelyn Eaton

Authorized by the Estate of Evelyn Eaton.

The Hours of Isis was Evelyn Eaton’s third published book, and the first that was not a collection of poetry. It reflects the author’s mystical vision, rather than a strictly accurate representation of the legend of Isis, Osiris and Horus. Many of the themes in The Hours of Isis (the search for love, the spiritual light, the understanding of the divine) recur in Evelyn Eaton’s later works. This serves as an introduction to the author as well as an introduction to the legend.

Most of the original illustrations are included. As in the original, some are in black and white and some are in color.

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From The Hours of Isis

Isis steps forward. All life springs into motion, labouring with the freshness of repose and the ardour of the early morning. Only the lotus flowers continue to dream with leaves spread out to the sun. They see Ra in his boat and worship him. They are the poets and visionaries of the world, who hold the light even after the interpreter of light has left their side.

The soul is at prayer. The world of action calls us through the open Temple door and we are conscious of its power and its claim. Not yet, however, do we surrender utterly. The light fades. We close our eyes to keep it in its radiance near us. Serenely we step forward to the task.